About Nature's Coast Oregon

Nature’s Coast Oregon is a reflection of founder Howard Shippey’s lifelong love of beauty in nature. An award-winning videographer whose productions have taken him throughout the Intermountain West, Pacific Northwest and Alaska, he knew he’d found home at last when he set foot on the Oregon Coast.

Thanks to state legislation in 1967 that protected public access for all, Oregon’s 363 miles of scenic ocean shoreline are often referred to as “The People’s Coast.” But to Shippey, this sobriquet always seemed misplaced. As he once penned to a friend:

“To me it is really Nature’s Coast, where people are but visitors,
fortunate today to behold its forgiving beauty.”

For Nature’s Coast is so much more than sand between your toes at “the beach.” Sustained by coursing watersheds interconnecting mostly unseen between coastal range mountains and pounding surf lines, it is home to a corridor of natural life unprecedented in diversity and resilience. It is this very essence of life that so attracts its most appreciative visitors … people … in whose power and interest it is to understand, respect, preserve and protect it.

Much of this, but for the “People’s Coast” legislation of the sixties, would already be gone.

And of the cornucopia of natural life that remains, who has really, truly seen it all? Hunched over a camera through rain and shine for more than a month, Shippey once filmed a nest of cedar waxwings from incubation of eggs through first flight of fledgling chicks — all for a commissioned video production with room for just ten seconds of footage. “Ninety-five percent of all the imagery I’ve shot over the past twenty years — hundreds of hours of amazing stuff — has never been seen by anyone else,” he says. “Until now.”

Check in daily with Nature’s Coast Oregon and see for yourself as:

We invite all to enjoy the enduring eden of Nature’s Coast Oregon. Take a moment now —  wherever in the world you might be — and take a closer look at some of the incredible natural life that makes its home here. Let’s all celebrate and preserve Nature’s Coast by treading lightly when we visit, respecting our hosts as we refresh our souls here, and endeavor as we can to leave a lasting legacy of natural beauty for generations that will thrill to follow in our footsteps.