Spidey Sensation

Amazing "Bowl & Doily" webs entwine the forest in sparkling color

I learned long ago that much more important than what I think I see in the moment, is what my camera later confirms it actually, verifiably did see. So color me astounded when I reviewed the footage above and saw confirmed what I thought I saw in the camera’s viewfinder — though not so much with my actual eyes, at the time — the kaleidoscope of colors flashing forth from this incredible, artful web. If this is what the average flying insect sees, too, I can imagine it being strongly attracted by the bright, pulsating colors, and excited to see more — until the moment the architect’s fangs flash into view.

There is much more yet for me to see, before I could possibly begin to tell the much bigger story (I’m sure) of little “Bowl & Doily” spiders. While the curvature of the bowl part of the web is visible above, for instance, I will need to make further effort before I can show the doily part — at which time might I divine a clue as to why these amazing arachnids spin a two-piece web while many of their cousins do just fine (as far as I know) with just one. All I can say for sure right now is, I’ve never encountered a spider and web like these before.

For a first encounter with this intriguing species, with only about an hour to spend on site, this isn’t a bad beginning … but it does leave me (and probably you as well) wanting to learn more. I can’t thank my friend Chuck enough, for without his effort to point them out to me, I’d never have noticed them at all — proving once again that the more new things I see, the more I realize how much I am missing. Life on Nature’s Coast is funny like that.

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