Those Sneaky Giants

Not a spout in sight — then suddenly you have 30 tons of blubbery company

“Have you seen any whales today?” It’s the Number 1 question I get asked by tourists. On the Central Coast, where so-called “resident” whales are commonly present throughout tourist season, I can often just nod my head and point seaward in answer. Squeals of delight frequently follow.

Sometimes the whales are closer than anyone might suspect. If you think a creature as long as a school bus couldn’t possibly be “sneaky” at all, let alone sneaky enough to be lurking almost underfoot, think again. I must admit to being surprised on several occasions when, comfortably sure I was all alone at the ocean’s edge, an unexpected watery WHOOSH! suddenly exploded from the depths so close that I nearly jumped out of my boots.

So yes, Virginia … Oregon Coast whales can indeed be sneaky. Which I’m sure the fellow in the video above would confirm — assuming he ever even saw the giant that sneaked up behind him.


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