Those Sneaky Giants

Not a spout in sight — then suddenly you have 30 tons of blubbery company

“Have you seen any whales today?” It’s the Number 1 question I get asked by tourists.

People visit the Oregon Coast from around the world, and what many of them want to do while they’re here, is see a whale. On the Central Coast, where so-called “resident” whales are commonly present throughout tourist season, I can often simply nod my head and point seaward in answer. Squeals of delight frequently follow.

Sometimes the whales are closer than even I might suspect. Who would think that a creature as long as a schol bus could be “sneaky” at all, let alone sneaky enough to be lurking almost underfoot?

I must admit to more than one occasion, in fact, when comfortably sure I was all alone at the ocean’s edge, an unexpected watery WHOOSH! has exploded from the depths so nearby that I’ve nearly jumped out of my boots.

So yes, Virginia, Oregon Coast whales can indeed be sneaky. As I’m sure the fellow in the video above would attest as well — if he ever even did see the whale that sneaked up on him.

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