Whales So Close!

Digital cameras are bringing the barnacles on whales closer all the time

I owe this one to the miracle of modern cameras. The combination of high resolution, long zoom lenses, fast shutter speeds and other features of today’s digital cameras eclipse the ability of my eyes to keep pace in real time. In other words, much of the imagery I capture in the field, I don’t fully see until I review the footage later.

I’m sure, in fact, that as I absorbed the full sensory experience of 30 tons of whale powering effortlessly through the water practically under my feet, I didn’t see it in the slow-motion, count-the-barnacles detail that you see here. I’m often as surprised as anyone to review my own footage, and suddenly see what I didn’t even know I saw when I was there seeing it.

Which is why each night before I drift off to sleep, I make sure to thank the Universe — and Sony — for allowing me to experience and share such wonderful sights, again, and again, and again…


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