A Very Bad Hair Day

Splish-splash, this bedraggled fellow took quite a bath

This crow, obviously, is not at his best.

But it’s not easy to be a crow, or any bird in general, which must spend hours each day cleaning and preening its feathers to maintain vitally important flight and weather-resistant capabilities.

When I encountered this fellow on a cliff overlooking the ocean, he was deep into feather maintenance. Whatever he had managed to get into, it was taking every bit of a very intensive cleaning to get out of it. Most birds I’ve observed, where bathing is concerned, will most often satisfy themselves with some shallow dipping and splashing. But this crow — whether intentionally or by accident — appears to have gone in for a full-on dunking.

As I watched his neck-snapping, wing-flapping, feather-fluttering gyrations to put himself back together, I had to laugh in sympathy. I mean, haven’t we all struggled through a few “bad hair days” ourselves?

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