Creeping Beauty (3)

Sometimes the prey is as amazing as the predator

By now — as you’ll see reflected above in this third and final (for now) video of my quarantine-inspired saga of little brown creepers — I had begun to notice not only the beauty and behaviors of the hunter, but also the diversity and defenses of the hunted. As I wrote previously:

“Encompassing more than ‘just a bird,’ Video 3 above reflects my dawning awareness that I was observing not only a pretty predator, but an amazing array of prey species as well, each playing its own role in this life-and-death game of hide and seek. The mind-bending assortment of other-worldly creatures the creepers revealed to me, living unimagined among the countless cracks and crevices of the towering trees surrounding me, crept creepily into my nightly dreams.”

What I’m left to dream of now, is to learn even more about brown creepers, particularly their nesting behaviors. I’m told they build ingeniously invisible nests, and to me it would be an incredible experience to observe their creation and care of offspring A to Z. So if you are reading this and happen to know when and how and where I might find and film a brown creeper nest someday — ultimately to share what I’m sure would be fascinating footage with flocks of bird lovers far and wide — please call me!


  • To return to Video 1 — which shows in near-real-time the effort it takes for a creeper to catch and subdue its favorite food — CLICK HERE.
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