Eagles Hit the Beach

Like truckers, eagles somehow always know the best places to eat

I still remember when eagles were not a common sight in America, even here on Nature’s Coast.. But as the number of mated pairs has soared in the last decade or so, it has actually become more uncommon to encounter someone who has not seen an eagle lately. Nevertheless, it’s still not every day that I get to see a pair of eagles soaking their taloned toes in the surf.

And is it just me, or do they look like they’re wearing “pirate pants”?

As is usually the case, short video clips like this don’t tell the whole story. While these eagles may look like a couple of vacationing tourists leisurely enjoying a sunny day at the beach, they’re actually more interested in the deceased sea lion that floated in on the high tide, and which waits patiently on the beach behind the camera to serve up a delicious breakfast. Yum!

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