A Blizzard of Birds 2

Tens of thousands of common murres kept coming, and coming, and coming, and...

Those who have already viewed the shorter clip posted here of this “blizzard of birds” at Yaquina Head might think this clip identical. But in a key way, it’s actually completely different.

Most obviously, it’s longer, which speaks to the purpose here of “repeating” it. For when I wrote that the common murres “kept coming, and coming, and coming…”, they surely did, and for a long time. So as you watch this clip, watch your watch as well: much better than the shorter clip, this one will give a sense of the time frame (though still a fraction of the actual event) over which this phenomenon continued.

And the “complete difference” between the two clips? Not a single second of video is repeated either within this clip, or from the shorter clip posted previously. It’s composed of completely different footage, with no “editing tricks” sometimes employed by video editors. This clip could well be much longer, in fact, if at the time I had not switched away to grab B-roll shots of other aspects of the event. This “blizzard of birds” literally went on, and on, and on, and….

And I can’t wait for this show to return again to Yaquina Head. It truly is a sight to see.


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