Hiding in Plain Sight

Maybe the best disguise is none at all

The sweeping panorama that begins this clip would be enough on its own to convey the vast beauty of Nature’s Coast. But keep looking, for it also contains a “hidden gem” of a kind I long prayed the Universe would lead me one day to discover.

With their bright orange beaks, you’d think black oystercatchers could never hide at all, let alone in plain sight. If you spot them in this clip right away, then pat yourself on the back, for hundreds of people cruising through this popular tourist turnaround never even suspected their presence.

The oystercatcher dad and I both got our first look at the chicks at the same time. The look on his face at that moment pretty much mirrored my own, communicating an inborn reaction typical of males of many species which, though the specific language may vary, universally translates to:

“Are you sure they’re mine?”

Sorry … I couldn’t resist. To see some truly amazing behavior that ensues among the siblings soon after hatching, CLICK HERE.


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