Hiding in Plain Sight

The day a snowy owl created an invisible spectacle on Nature’s Coast

You can hear it in the audio: “I cannot believe those people did not see him,” my voice referencing a long line of people who passed by a bright white snowy owl through the course of a sunny day at a popular beach, with nary a soul but me registering the sight.

At first I too thought I must be seeing things. It was about the same size and color as a seagull, but location and behavior just didn’t fit the picture. So I looked again, with binoculars this time, and confirmed that I was indeed seeing what I thought I was seeing. And not to belabor the point vis a vis the unseeing eyes of others, I certainly never saw nothing.

Throughout the day as I spent hours observing and filming this amazing visitor from the north, I thought for sure someone else would see it too. If not the owl, then perhaps the sight of a man with a big camera atop a tall tripod might cause a passerby to pause and wonder what the camera was pointing at. This has happened before. But not this day. This owl was evidently invisible to all but me.

Which, once I shrugged off the incredulity of it, was actually a pretty wonderful thing.

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