Contribute to Nature's Coast Oregon

We Welcome Contributors!
These days it seems everyone has a camera, allowing even non-photographers who find themselves “in the right place at the right time” to capture great moments of beauty and wonder. So to anyone and everyone photographically inclined, we extend this invitation to share. There are three basic ways to contribute here:
1)  If you have a great photo or video of “natural beauty on the Oregon Coast” that you’d like to share for thousands of people to enjoy, use the contact form below and let us know. We’ll review your submission and happily post your imagery if it meets our criteria, giving full credit to you.
2)  If you’re one of the coast’s many dedicated shooters with a large inventory of high-quality imagery, we offer free space to post a library of your work exclusively under your name. Not only will current fans be able to find you here as a Featured Contributor, but you will find thousands of new fans here as well who share your passion for natural beauty on the Oregon Coast.
3)  If you’re not a photographer, but happen to have a dancing bear (or something equally fascinating) in your backyard, let us know and we may dispatch a photographer to you. We often reward good tips by providing tipsters with “bonus” photos and videos beyond what might get posted on this site. Sometimes we even pay:  if you can set us up with a photographable hummingbird nest on the coast, for instance, we have a crisp $100 bill waiting for you. We offer bounties for other “hot ticket” species and scenic setups as well — ask us!
THE FINE PRINT. Very simply, by submitting imagery to us, you thereby authorize Nature's Coast Oregon to publish it on this site. You certify that you are the legal owner of the imagery, and for all applications beyond our authorized use, you will retain full copyright ownership of the imagery you submit. We will give you full written credit for the imagery upon publication, and pledge not to use it for any other purpose without your prior permission. We recommend that you submit the original unedited image(s) for us to crop, color correct and otherwise adjust to fit our format; further, we will scale the image(s) downward to a size (1200 X 800 pixels), resolution (72 DPI) and format (JPG) designed to discourage any potential unauthorized use. To further protect your ownership interest, we physically watermark all published images with the Nature's Coast logo. This agreement constitutes our entire due diligence with regard to protection of the imagery you submit, and you agree to hold Nature's Coast Oregon harmless for any and all unauthorized use that may inadvertently occur via your voluntary use of this process.