Winter Wild!

Watch as a few killer clips of the coast combine to become something much greater

I’ve lived long enough to know that most people, watching hundreds of Legos™ spill out of a box, will simply see hundreds of Legos.

But my fascination in life has always belonged to those with ability to see what individual Legos — when combined — can become. Such folks see Legos not merely as random piles of building blocks, but as latent creations as impressive and diverse as the Empire State Building, mighty Titanic, Eiffel Tower, Transformer Robot or unlimited other wonders waiting within every box of Legos for an imaginative mind to see … and set free.

To me, this site is a lot like a box of Legos.

Sure, the many individual images posted here of “Birds, Beasts & Beauty” are each intriguing on their own — every image has its own story to tell. But string even a few such images together, as in the production above,* and suddenly appears a creature of a whole ‘nother stripe.

Video will always, of course, pale by comparison to the real~live~breathing beauties you see reflected here, but I always hope as I’m crafting such works that, in the end, Mother Nature might at least smile on my humble efforts. Though nothing I create will ever rival the thrill of “being there,” sharing reflections on this site of the amazing sights she’s shared with me, both deepens and magnifies my own experience immeasurably.

Whether viewed as individual clips, or as collections of clips like the production above,* I always hope that such shared reflections might serve to inspire similar enthusiasm in every viewer, visitor and local alike. I always hope that sharing such sights might give pause to contemplate, if just for a moment, how fortunate we all are that wild places still exist along the Oregon Coast. Whether we’re blessed to behold such sights firsthand, or merely dream of seeing them someday, I always hope that the simple vignettes I post will engender not merely appreciation, but perhaps even endeavor, to ensure that wild beauty continues to be respected, protected and preserved … forever.

I hope you see what I see here. And I hope you return here to see even more, hopefully bringing others with whom you, too, feel compelled to share. For I have many more “Reflections of Beauty & Wonder” awaiting release in my ever-growing box of Legos, and you’ll see new posts here regularly — each one another unique vision, seen and shared, from Nature’s Coast.


*The production above, titled “Winter Wild! On The Oregon Coast,” was commissioned by the Oregon Coast Visitors Association and Travel Oregon. It was honored in 2021 with a Silver Telly Award.


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